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About the film

“The terrorist attack on Bombay results in hundreds of deaths including those of the gang of Pakistani terrorists, all except one, Mohammed Kasab, who is captured by the Mumbai police. He is convicted of multiple murders and condemned to hang. This poses a dilemma for the Prime Minister and the Home Minister. Indian politicians rely on vote banks and hanging a Muslim murderer while suspending the sentences of Hindu terrorist murderers would be seen as discrimination against the minority religious group. Hanging the gang of Hindu murderers would set off a backlash of Hindus. In THE K FILE the Prime Minister dumps the dilemma on the shoulders of the Home Minister. The decision is a classic catch 22. How does the Home Minister resolve to solve it? How does the K File close?

Online Movie Launch: 28th May 2012


Oorvazi Irani – Director
Being a Filmmaker and a Film Educationalist Oorvazi strongly believes in the power of Cinema and the voice of the auteur Independent Filmmaker. She believes that its the responsibility of an artist to probe contemporary reality and related issues, problems and thus probably hold up a mirror to society to contemplate its solutions. No doubt terrorism remains one of today’s biggest threats to humanity, with this fiction short feature, Oorvazi attempts to engage, while also entertaining,  the audiences, not only with her prospective of the film, but also hopes to open the doors for an intense reflection and response to the particular dilemma called ‘Kasab’.


Sorab Irani – Producer

After over 40 years of working in the Indian Film Industry starting his career as General Manager for Chetan Anand’s film production company Himalaya Films and then going on to becoming a major player in the International Film and Television Industry – Chairman & Managing Director of SBI Impresario Pvt. Ltd (since 1975). Sorab essentially an artist, a musician trained in Hindustani Classical Music and been part of the 60’s Rock Music Revolution spear headed by the Beatles, feels deeply about the subject as a Producer with a vision. Sorab Irani brings to this project his producer’s expertise  and his keen sense of a happy marriage of art and commerce to help deliver a unique film of great political, sociological and dramatic impact.


Farrukh Dhondy – Screenplay writer
Farrukh Dhondy the erstwhile Commissioning Editor of Channel four TV . London where he was the creative force behind the discovery of great talent like Shekar Kapoor and Mira Nair to name a few, with epoch making projects commissioned by his like ‘Bandit Queen’ & ‘Salaam Bombay’ respectively. He is also a world renown Author, Screenplay writer and Columnist. Farrukh  Dhondy has delivered an extraordinary screenplay for the K file, which packs a dramatic punch, incredible humor and makes a telling comment of the current state of political affairs in India.


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