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Future Plans

My Legacy – My Future Plans 

Today I can’t help but feel that the world Commercial Film Industry, barring a few visionary filmmakers is turned into an Industry of ‘Weekend Bandits’. Their modus operandi is big buck marketing, next blanket bombing of theaters with thousands of prints on a Friday and are on the run on Monday. The sad fact is, this all amounts to very successful organized thuggery. In most cases it works. So come Monday no one cares what is happening to the film, no one strives for excellence or critical acclaim, no one wants to shape public opinion, the is no such thing as meaningful cinema, and old cliques are rehashed endlessly and exploded on the box office most Fridays.The marketing guys draw in the crowds with spin and false promises of ‘super entertainment’, and the gullible crowds  buy tickets, the whole operation is like the proverbial lamb being led to the slaughter house. They take your ticket money and are on the run come Monday.

However its heartening to note current changing trends – the audiences no more wants to be the proverbial sacrificial lambs – they refuse to follow the marketing spin doctors over the cliff like sheep, getting rather selective for what they pay money to watch. One of the key factors ushering in this change is the internet with the world wide web providing exposure to free quality content, audiences are beginning to put forth their demands. So the ‘Weekend Bandits’ who cant run with no loot are sitting up and scratching their heads. I say hooray to the digital age. I say to the “Weekend Bandits’ wake up and smell the coffee. Times they are a changing. Change or perish.

I pride myself of being a child of the Digital Age. As a film educationalist I fortunately have studied the evolution of cinema but most importantly I have inherited a film-making legacy, my father’s film making Banner Sbi Impresario Pvt. Ltd. The legacy spans over 40 years and starts with 16 mm to 35 mm to the epoch-making Indian cinematic historical event of introducing the 15/70 LFF to India with IMAX. In the latter years as one of the directors of the film production company I have had hands-on experience of creating meaningful cinema which is across all genres from Documentary film  to Feature Films to Television. My dad’s first film he ever made called the ” The last House in Bombay” won a award at the first edition of The Bombay International Film Festival for Shorts & Documentaries( MIFF). The entire repertoire of our company’s films have won critical acclaim world wide and many films negatives are preserved at the Pune Archives and the Mumbai Films Division Archives.

At the heart of a great piece of cinema is a vision and a great script. As a student of cinema I indeed have a vision and in the script department we have a two decade old association with the world renown author, screenplay writer and columnist my father’s dear friend Farrukh Dhondy, with many a scripts developed and ready to go. So my aim and goal is simple keep up the inherited family legacy and go forth and create a great new body of cinematic work to take the legacy forward. Having said that I recognize that film-making is an art, a craft and an industry. However in today’s cinema “Content is King” content does not require “Stars” which means deployment of huge funds but instead much smaller budgets which minimizes the risks and indeed a good feature  film if pulled in at a reasonable  budget I believe there is an audience and Angel Financiers can aspire to a profit. I have made a humble start with this film my first Independent Digital Cinema short feature film and I will let my work speak for itself. God willing an Angel Financier will come along to help in the noble cause of  progressing on my cinematic journey which looks full of great promise and very exciting..

Viva the Digital age ! Viva Digital cinema !

Oorvazi Irani

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