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English, Hindi, Drama, Short, 2012, 9 min
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The terrorist attack on Bombay results in hundreds of deaths including those of the gang of Pakistani terrorists, all except one, Mohammed Kasab, who is captured by the Mumbai police. He is convicted of multiple murders and condemned to hang. This poses a dilemma for the Prime Minister and the Home Minister. Indian politicians rely on vote banks and hanging a Muslim murderer while suspending the sentences of Hindu terrorist murderers would be seen as discrimination against the minority religious group. Hanging the gang of Hindu murderers would set off a backlash of Hindus. The Prime Minister dumps the dilemma on the shoulders of the Home Minister. The decision is a classic catch 22. How does the Home Minister resolve to solve it? How does the K File close
First Person

Oorvazi Irani – Director

Making a film dealing with the dilemma of the lone surviving terrorist Kasab means more to me today than when I started my journey. For me the process of making the film has taken me closer to the reality of the terror attack of 26/11 on the city of Mumbai.

As a citizen of India, a Mumbaite, and a sensitive human being I did feel distressed about the terror attack but it was only when I personally had to make a film on the subject that I was required to understand the feelings and issues more closely. Till then it was from an outsider’s perspective as I was not directly involved but when I was making the film, the process itself made me become part of the effect of its violence.

How did the film come to life? I use to believe that as a filmmaker I need to be deeply moved personally or affected by a subject to make a film about it but on this journey I discovered another process as an artist and I would like to share it with you. The script of this film was by Farrukh Dhondy, the erstwhile commissioning editor of Channel Four, London who was responsible for launching the international careers of Mira Nair and Shekhar Kapur with the commissioning of their films Salaam Bombay and Bandit Queen. The script was bought to me by my dad – Sorab Irani, who is a veteran producer for more than 4 decades and started his career with Chetan Anand in India and then went on to make a lot of critically acclaimed films and documentaries for European television. My first reaction was – Me and a political film forget it!  ( as I was not a very political person). But my dad insisted that I deeply think about it and read the script more than once to make up my mind. And I did and here I am today sharing with you the online launch of my film, The K File.

When I look back on the making of the film The K File, the imagery that comes to mind is me on the run. From the day when the film was decided to be made till today I feel there has been an intense and hectic energy to it. The month of March was when the activity was at its peak, which included the pre production and shooting of the film. April had days of intense activity followed with periods of lull in the post production and by May 1st, the baby was born, the film was complete.

The preproduction stage in March involved arranging locations for the shoot, actors, key technicians, making a shooting script, a storyboard, getting the funds in place and drawing up a budget besides other things. I initially was keen on trying to shoot in an actual location as I felt that the realism in that approach would add an interesting dimension to the film and did go to some forts (as a lot of them were also jails a few years ago) around Mumbai on reccee but soon realized that the permissions and limited resources would not allow me to go ahead on that route so I surrendered myself instead to the comfort of a controlled environment of a set.

The film was designed in style as a chamber film having limited characters and a central location where the key action takes place. In fact, that helped me control costs and stick to my limited budget for the film, which was made from my personal funds. One of the biggest challenges in pre production was getting a for my film and my chief assistant Nikita Mhatre (also my film student from Digital Academy) efficiently traced a source and ordered it specially from Gujarat. So all the crew members were from Mumbai but there was a special guest from Gujarat – the wasp.

The film was conceived as an online film and to have an online launch. The producer and me strongly felt that this film because of its subject is not limited to a festival circuit but needs to reach out to as many individuals as possible and thus we decided this route forgoing revenue models for a direct contact with the audience at large.

I am sure an interaction with my audience of the film will bring to life new realizations to me as an auteur about the film itself and the subject. Waiting now for my journey onwards.

A special request: Please be a part of the online launch of The K File, starting 28th May 2012. Click on this link http://www.facebook.com/thekfilemovie and join us. The locations for the online launch are as follows: http://www.thekfilemovie.com and http://www.facebook.com/thekfilemovie.

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